These are the king of Lake Erie game fish. They are big and plentiful. We run 5-20 miles off shore to find them then troll with specialized gear. This trip is for everybody who enjoys fishing and a day on the big water. Fishing begins in June and is excellent July through the end of September.
steelhead trout
smallmouth bass
Perch may be small but they are delicious and with limits now at 30 fish per person they can provide some very fast action. We anchor for perch within a few miles of shore and fish minnows near the bottom. This is a great way to introduce the big lake to a land lubber. Fishing is good May through August and excellent in September and October.
Steelhead trout
These are usually caught as "bonus" fish while walleye trolling but with a few adaptations of our trolling techniques we can target them specifically. They are known for drag smoking runs and high acrobatic leaps. Fishing begins in July and can be very good in September.
Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth bass are considered by many to be the hardest fighting fish in freshwater. We drift or cast for them using an assortment of live and artificial baits. If you seek determined battle on light tackle this is the trip for you. Late May through June is excellent mid summer is fair but fishing picks up again in September.
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